Meet The Team: Jack

Hey Guys,

Jack here and I believe this is our first post. I am one of the co-founders here at Inverse and also the creative director, lead programmer and co-lead storywriter on our upcoming game… I’ll let that sink in… And this is my story and the first part in the “Meet The Team” series.

Okay, where to start, oh games yes let me start with them, so video games have always been at the forefront of my mind, in that I have always played, analysed, loved and hated them. But it wasn’t enough for me, my passion had other plans.

So I decided one day,  that why don’t I make a game that I want to play and is telling a story that again I want to tell. But some of are probably thinking whilst reading this, “pffft it’s easy to make a game these days, all you need is Unity” and in fact you’d be quite wrong there, my little friend you.

Note:  I tend to use nicknames and make cheesy jokes in my writing, and I can’t stop it believe me I have tried.

So back to what I was saying, games are incredibly difficult to make and quite frankly they themselves don’t want to be made especially if it’s just one person *cough* unless you are Mr Blow or Mr Bithell and probably a few others that I can’t quite think of at this present time, but besides them, they’re constantly breaking putting up a fight like a winey teenage.

So I had the programming experience as I have been doing it for years now, but I was missing the team.

Enter the wonderful world of collaboration (Announcer voice echo), through the magic of the inter-web I found many others just like me that wanted to make their imprint in the gaming industry (btw a whole other topic for another post, that I’ll bore you with later) and so through various platforms I and Gustavo Coutinho, who is an excellent sound engineer recruited several talented people in their respective field and we founded Inverse Studios.


I thought I would get to the good stuff a bit earlier, rather than other dev blogs that leave you in anticipation, but now I have revealed to you our company let me tell you why we’re doing this and entering the mad world of gaming when we are quite literally facing a tremendous feat in front of us.

Well, that is actually much easier to answer than you might think. We feel that we have found the right bunch of talented individuals that we gel and are great friends with, which kind of cancels out my first groan about building a game as it makes it worth enduring and fighting that fight to the bitter end.

And let me tell you, what a great bunch they are, we will soon be introducing you to all of them along with our studio.

But before I bid you adieu, I have to talk about the big elephant that is sitting right behind you thay is the right phrase yeah? And that is funding the one thing that prevents all teams from forming studios all over the place.

We so far are a self-funded studio as we believe that to make, distribute, market a video game that is very important but in the coming months after a few months of hard work we will be launching a kickstarter campaign and that is where you come in… yes YOU… the public, in an effort to win you over we are going to do our best at including you as much as possible, but hey it’s a two-way street buddy 😉

So get to tweeting, whatever the equivalent of that is in Facebook terms and follow us on our journey.

Off we go and be sure to check back often and see what we’re up to as we are going to fill this blog up to the nines with demos, concept art, prototypes you name it, see you then peace!

– Jack



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